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R&D design is the core and soul of the product. Youzhong has set up multiple R&D centers in pursuit of product functionality and artistry, bringing together design experts from different fields to gain insights into the development trends of domestic and foreign smart pump product design. Humane environment and living habits are scientifically designed, and a number of series of fool-type water pump frequency conversion, permanent magnet frequency conversion, and photovoltaic pumping frequency conversion products have been introduced to meet the needs of various users.

Marathon is not only ingenious in products, but also attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and has applied for numerous design and invention patents in China.


R&D is the core and soul of products. MARASEN is in pursuit of excellent functional and artistic product. We have set up many research centers where experts from different industries are gathered here to design and develop products based on the different local habits and cultures in different regions and worked outvarious series of simple-operate water pump drives, photovovoltaic pump drives, permanent magetic variable frequency drives to meet the needs of differenent customers.

MARASEN not only focuses on product itself but also pays attention to the protection of intellectural property and have got many invention patents in China.

Customization process of water pump intelligent inverter

Customized production process for intelligent pump inverter

To offer customized solution, We provide specific product model to identify the solution is right for you and by using computer-aiding engineering software and conduction simulation test in our design and application center, MARASEN intelligent pump drive is in perfect combination with a variety of brandpumps.