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Intelligent water pump

The control core of the full frequency conversion water supply system is the water pump frequency converter. The principle is that the frequency converter automatically adjusts the speed of the water pump to control the flow according to the target pressure set by the user, and stabilizes the system pressure.

Permanent magnet frequency conversion

The domestic first high-efficiency energy-saving quality assurance

With the development of the times, it will be an inevitable trend for the country to promote environmental protection and energy saving of permanent magnet synchronous motors instead of traditional asynchronous motors!

The advantages of permanent magnet motors

1. The permanent magnet synchronous motor cancels the excitation system loss and improves the efficiency.

2. The permanent magnet synchronous motor is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight.

3. The size and shape of the permanent magnet synchronous motor are flexible and diverse. And every permanent magnet synchronous motor must be equipped with a high-performance inverter to drive Youzhong permanent magnet synchronous motor special inverter came into being! The domestic first to lead the development trend of permanent magnet inverter!

The only mass production in the water pump industry, and the application technology is far ahead of the domestic industry, permanent magnet variable frequency water pump, must choose the best Marathon!

Advantages of frequency converter for water pump

The dedicated frequency converter for Marathon water pump is suitable for use on the water pump. It is small in size. The panel directly adjusts the water supply pressure. The installation and debugging are simple and convenient. The whole water pump has the above characteristics:

To offer customized solution, We provide specific product model to identify the solution is right for you and by using computer-aiding engineering software and conduction simulation test in our design and application center, MARASEN intelligent pump drive is in perfect combination with a variety of brandpumps.